Strategic Advisor


About Paul Koidis Jr.

Paul is a strategic marketing advisor, development consultant, communications strategist, writer, producer, agent and academic dean.

Paul’s career highlights include creating unique and socially relevant projects that combine cultural, humanitarian, philanthropic and educational arenas and initiating projects with local, national and global impact.


Paul is an advisor on several international level projects, ranging from global development agencies, concerts, social TV properties and conferences, including programming and producing a recent high-level summit on the future of philanthropy called PURE featuring John Tory, Mallika Chopra (daughter of Deepak Chopra), Hugh Evans and Martha Rogers, (ROGERS). In 2018, he plans to create PHIL, the Philanthropy Conference harnessing expertise in the intersection of social action, media, technology and business at the forefront of social enterprise.

Paul is currently involved in several initiatives and is the founding Canadian Board member of GLOBAL CITIZEN, an international consortium of leaders based in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada, dedicated to end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

He was the first board member in Canada,  connected to the Global Festival Concert attracting 60,000 people and over 1 billion media impressions, which has featured Bono, Beyoncé, Neil Young, Bill Gates, Coldplay, Pearl Jam and others.

He directed the North American Launch of The Global Poverty Project with Chris Adams (Executive Producer of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth) and Hugh Evans.

Media, Music and Culture

In 2010, Paul initiated and produced an exclusive showcase concert for Adam Cohen, son of Leonard Cohen, for an album of yet unreleased songs which was later nominated for a JUNO award for adult contemporary album of the year. In 2014, Paul was also involved in launching new series of songs performed by Anjani Thomas, ( who performed on the original recording of Hallelujah) and some co-written and co-performed by Leonard Cohen. Paul also arranged a preview of a few of these new songs at one of Canada’s oldest music festivals, A Feast of Cohen, in Newfoundland in 2013.

Paul has presented several speakers in the past including Jake Gold, (former manager of The Tragically Hip and Canadian Idol Judge), Piers Handling, (CEO, Toronto International Film Festival), Wayne Clarkson (Past ED TELEFILM Canada), Michael Coren (Host, Michael Coren Show), Mallika Chopra (daughter of Deepak Chopra), Adam Giambrone, (past CHAIR, TTC), CNN’s Lynne Russell, Filmmaker Kevin McMahon, broadcaster Liz West, FACEBOOK’s Elmer
Sotto, and others.

Paul is involved with many creative and cultural initiatives including Moses Znaimer’s ideaCity conference having negotiated a multi-year partnership for Centennial College, Taste of the Danforth, which attracts over 1 million people each year, and was involved with Explore Design, a national conference and exhibit for postsecondary arts students, and the Hot Docs Documentary Festival, Reel Asian Film Festival and others.

He is currently developing the strategy for a new music and concert festival outside of Toronto.

Paul is the founder of the Future Music: Technology, Business and Art symposium featuring world renowned music expert Bob Lefsetz on the future of the industry.

Paul is the Chair the Advisory for Oshawa’ arts and culture festival, Space Invaders which exhibits artists in unlikely spaces in the downtown core, attracting international national reach and attention.

Paul has recently published a series of articles on life, philosophy and his unique perspective on everything  for Deepak and Mallika Chopra’s

He recently hosted an episode of The Leonard Show, on ZoomerRadio, based on his near brushes and near misses with Mr. Leonard Cohen.


Paul launched his career at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre, as a marketing and communications strategist, new media program manager and producer for an international lecture series. He managed the CFC Media Lab, a division of the Centre and a unique training and production think-tank environment for tomorrow’s new media content developers which generated several leading interactive projects and companies in Canada Paul is also a past member of HOMAD, the Heads of Media and Design in Ontario and The Scarborough Arts Council.

Paul recently established a series of innovative scholarship funds in Canada, as part of Centennial College, designed to advance a culture of social justice, green-thinking and innovation, including the Degrassi Scholarship Fund with Linda Schuyler, co-creator of Degrassi.

Paul has been a faculty member, program manager, and academic manager for a number of programs at the post-secondary and post graduate level, having designed curriculum and taught in media studies, public relations, business and career strategy and technology areas mostly at Centennial College.

Paul was also the Associate Dean, School of Media, Art and Design, at Durham College in Ontario in 2014, an Education Sector Advisor for Moses Znaimer’s ideacity Conference for Ontario Colleges.

Paul is now the Associate Dean, Design, Visual Art, Computing Studies + Research Analyst, Georgian College.